Friday, September 7, 2007

Theory of Gravitation

Bhaskaracharya has mentioned about force of attraction resembling gravity, in book titled Sidhanta Shiromani,discovered centuries later by Newton.

In response to the critics of the
theory of "spherical earth"["If such were the case, stones would and trees would fall from the earth."], Brahmagupta said..

"On the contrary, if that were the case, the earth would not vie in keeping an even and uniform pace with the minutes of heaven, the pranas of the times. [...] All heavy things are attracted towards the center of the earth. [...] The earth on all its sides is the same; all people on earth stand upright, and all heavy things fall down to the earth by a law of nature, for it is the nature of the earth to attract and to keep things, as it is the nature of water to flow, that of fire to burn, and that of wind to set in motion… The earth is the only low thing, and seeds always return to it, in whatever direction you may throw them away, and never rise upwards from the earth."

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